What problems do we solve?

Cross-chain routing

Via Router, aggregating more routers, bridges, and chains than any other cross-chain router to ensure users can find the most efficient secure routes, with the most liquidity and cheapest fees, to swap their tokens across chains

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Cross-chain router


When bridges' hacks happen daily, the most important thing becomes how not to be involved. We offer the following solutions:

  • Our watchdog monitors the transactions of all aggregated bridges and automatically disables hacked ones and those with expired liquidity.

  • In our UI, we show how bridges are decentralized, the number of audits, and the presence of a centralized relayer in the route.

Advanced routes

To transfer tokens from Ethereum to Layer 2 - there is no problem with which bridge to choose.

But what if you need to move tokens between sidechains, for example, between Astar and Aurora? Here are "advanced routes" that come to the rescue, which find routes with intermediate networks and allow you to make a transaction in a single UI.

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