What are the advantages of Via?

Via solves much of the complexity of living in a cross-chain world by providing cheap, fast, and seamless any-to-any token swaps with a polished and intuitive interface.

Why should I use the Via aggregator instead of other solutions?

Thanks to its intelligent routing system, Via can automatically scan over 70 DEXs across 25 networks and 21 of the most popular cross-chain bridges. Unlike other aggregators, Via can automatically detect the fastest and cheapest swap routes, and perform any-to-any swaps within 60 seconds.

Which tokens and chains does Via support?

A complete list of supported chains and tokens, along with the logic used to add them, can be seen here

Does Via take a commission from swaps on the cross-chain aggregator?

No, Via doesn’t take any commission or cut from the swaps on the cross-chain aggregator. There will only be a commission, earned by the bridge if it is provided by the bridge through which the router will be conducted.


Now all transactions goes directly to bridges or partered router's smart contracts.
Audits for our smart contracts will be finished soon.

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