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We are building Web3, making it together with our community. So if you are a designer or developer and want to join in building cross-chain of next day - you are welcome on our Discord server.
Reach out to our Head of Community, and they will help with how to get started.
Suppose you want to know more about how aggregation protocol works. Then, check it out below and remember that you can receive direct help from core developers on the Discord server.
If you want to understand more about the Via Protocol and its cross-chain solutions, make sure to check our articles on Medium. We are always happy to help and provide more information, if necessary.

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We are building the Web3, and we are doing it along with our community. If you are a designer or a developer and you are interested in contributing to the next generation cross-chain world, join our Discord and reach out to our Head of Community, and they will help you get on board.
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