Advanced Cross-Chain Liquidity Aggregation Protocol

What is VIA?

Via Protocol is a cross-chain liquidity aggregation protocol designed to create fast, efficient and seamless swapping experiences across different blockchains. Via Protocol can be thought of as the Visa and the Mastercard of cryptocurrencies, a single piece of infrastructure that manages transfers and payments across various networks and tokens, overcoming the hurdles of interacting with multiple DEXs and bridges.
The blockchain ecosystem has been growing at a blazingly fast pace, and the number of Layer-1 blockchains has mushroomed over the past two years. Each has unique features that fit different needs and solve various challenges, which is why most users end up operating on multiple chains and dealing with other coins and wallets. Unfortunately, living in a cross-chain world isn't easy, and users have no choice but to go through a variety of DEXs, bridges, and other pieces of infrastructure to perform even the simplest action.
Poor user experience results in loss of time and capital, which in turn discourages existing and new users from interacting with web3 applications. This negatively impacts all builders in the space and stifles the industry's growth as a whole.
Via Protocol sets to overcome these limitations with two products: a cross-chain aggregation protocol that serves as a standalone solution, and a cross-chain checkout system that can be effortlessly integrated within decentralized apps like marketplaces and games.
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