What are the advantages of VIA?
VIA solves much of the complexity of living in a cross-chain world, by providing cheap, fast, and seamless any-to-any token swaps with a polished and intuitive interface. Additionally, VIA provides a cross-chain checkout system that can be directly integrated into any marketplace or game and allows users to buy NFTs using any token from any chain.
Why should I use the VIA aggregator instead of other solutions?
Thanks to its intelligent routing system, VIA can automatically scan over 41 DEXs across 13 networks and 11 of the most popular cross-chain bridges. Unlike other aggregators, Via can automatically detect the fastest and cheapest swap routes, and perform any-to-any swaps within 60 seconds. Additionally, VIA features an Advanced routing option for indirect swaps.
Which tokens and chains does VIA support?
A complete list of supported chains and tokens, along with the logic used to add them, can be seen here: LINK​
Which projects should consider integrating VIA’s checkout system?
VIA’s robust API may be helpful in several types of projects:
  • NFT games and collections can now create a better checkout experience with a customizable UI, replacing long and complicated guides for bridging tokens to the desired chain.
  • NFT marketplaces can now receive payments in any token and transfer NFTs to the buyer on the NFT’s chain.
  • DeFi wallets can now provide the best cross-chain experience with cheap, truly any-to-any swaps (not just to а stablecoins on the target chain).
Can I integrate the API myself?
No, at the moment, the VIA team will carry out the integration themselves on your behalf. Please, reach out to the team if interested.
Does VIA take a commission from swaps on the cross-chain aggregator?
No, VIA doesn’t take any commission or cut from the swaps on the cross-chain aggregator. There will only be a commission, earned by the bridge if it is provided by the bridge through which the router will be conducted.
How does VIA earn?
VIA charges a 1% fee for cross-chain sales via the cross-chain checkout page, but only when a cross-chain swap happens. This means that if a player buys a Polygon NFT using other currencies like ETH, the 1% charge applies, while the 1% fee doesn't apply if the player buys the NFT with the same token, even if VIA's checkout page is used.
Audit? Audits for smart contracts of both the cross-chain aggregator and the checkout system will be finished soon.
Can i test VIA checkout?

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